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We are here to assist you, Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m EST, and Sat-Sun we are on call for your immediate assistance. Don’t let the timeshare company retain your hard-earned money or keep you locked into a timeshare contract you do not want. Our team of experts will help you through the process of canceling your timeshare contract and recovering your money.

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Hiring the right company to cancel your timeshare is the most important step to take in canceling your timeshare. Documents have to submit correctly to the right places in order for you to be able to cancel your timeshare. Many companies don’t fight for refunds from the timeshare resort. Don’t lose your hard-earned money.

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Always check a companies credentials before you pay them any money to cancel your timeshare. If the company does not have any kind of state or federal licensure think twice before you hire them. You could not only lose the money you paid the timeshare company but also any money you give them to cancel the timeshare.

Make Sure.

Company history is important to determine how long a company has been in business. Many companies who are advertising timeshare cancellation as one of their services have not been in business as long as they claim to have been. By verifying all the facts that the company is presenting with governing agencies will tell you the truth.