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Thank you and your team! We are so appreciative for all of your assistance and patience. Your work is to be commended.

Kelly & Travis | Van Buren, AR

Thank you for helping us to get our freedom back. Our contract is cancelled and we are free from this awful timeshare scam!

AP & Family | Canada


My experience with Timeshare Answers was amazing. They were with me every step of the way and I would recommend their services to anyone needing to have their timeshare contract cancelled.

Agnes | Canada

THANK YOU for all the AMAZING things you do for people in situations like mine.  Words can’t express how grateful I am that I called.

Nancy | St Augustine, FL

Anyone that wants their timeshare cancelled, should call Timeshare-Answers. There is HOPE! I am another satisfied customer of this Great Company!!:)

Charlie | Oklahoma

I can't thank you enough.  This timeshare scam was a real nightmare, now I can get some sleep.

Maria | Redwood City, CA

I’m so excited to say that we are finally released from our timeshare contract. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Timeshare-Answers

Joe | Colorado

Timeshare Answers was just great to work with. Through their help, we not only got out of our contract but got our money back too!

M&S | Florence, KY

We are so grateful to report that, with your expertise, we are finally free of our expensive timeshare burden. Thank you

Walt & Betty

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Timeshare Cancellation

Trapped By Timeshare?

free consultation

We get you out of your timeshare contract and existing timeshare mortgage quickly and permanently.

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timeshare money recovery

Financially Shackled?

financial freedom

We can decrease your financial burdens by cancelling your payments, and recovering your money.

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timeshare credit protection

Need Justice?

protecting rights

State and federal laws protect you from deceptive sales practices, we will empower you to get justice.

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