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Timeshare-Answers offers timeshare cancellation services to quickly and permanently get you out of your timeshare contract and existing timeshare mortgage. When deciding to cancel your timeshare, many factors come in to play, such as where and when you bought, and what timeshare resort or vacation club you purchased with. Our expert staff will give you all the information you need to know to cancel your timeshare once and for all. We offer timeshare cancellation services for 90% of existing timeshare resorts and vacation clubs.

Money Recovery
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Our team knows first-hand how quickly the cost of vacation ownership can add up. While getting your contract canceled, we will work diligently to get your money recovered. Depending on how much money you put down and how many payments you have made, you could be entitled to a large refund. We are the only timeshare cancellation company that will continue the fight to recover the money you have spent, long after the resort has agreed to the cancellation of your timeshare contract. Let us help you fight to recover as much of your money as we can!

Credit Protection
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Many clients worry that their credit will be ruined if they cannot pay their payments, maintenance fees or taxes. Based on the fair debt collection act and fair credit reporting act, Timeshare-Answers can help you protect your credit from being damaged. Once your timeshare is officially in dispute, if you decide to stop making payments on your timeshare, the timeshare company cannot negatively report to credit bureaus. Our expert staff will help you protect your credit throughout the timeshare cancellation process until your timeshare contract is canceled.