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Timeshare Misrepresentation

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Timeshare Misrepresentation

Timeshare Misrepresentation Happens When it comes to buying a timeshare, or vacation club there is no way that the sales representative can sell these ownerships other than misrepresenting or completely omitting true facts about the timeshare, or vacation club itself. If these representatives did tell the complete and total truth, no person would ever purchase an ownership.

For example, timeshares and vacation clubs do not have value despite what you were told during your sales meeting or owner update. There is no appreciation in value like real estate.  You cannot resell for profit and would be lucky if a charity would accept such a liability and financial burden despite the fact if your mortgage is paid in full and you are current on your maintenance and or usage fees.

Your ownership is not as easy to use as originally explained to you during your first purchase, or even your upgrade purchase. As a matter of fact, 99% of the time, the resort you would like to stay at is not available for the dates you want unless you book at least 12-18 months in advance, pay additional fees and still, even then, you are not guaranteed to obtain the accommodations you were promised you would have as an owner during the meeting.

Sadly, timeshare and vacation club owners generally find this information out within the first year of ownership when they attempt to plan their first vacation. Shortly after their attempt to book their vacation, they realize they have been misled and feel as though is it too late to cancel and they are simply stuck. A Timeshare Misrepresentation is the usual Cause.

Do not despair, Timeshare-Answers can cancel a timeshare, or vacation club contract even after the rescission period has expired despite what you have read in your contract, or what you were told by your resort or vacation club.

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January 15, 2014


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