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Timeshare Laws

Timeshare Laws

Federal timeshare laws governing timeshare and vacation club sales exist in order to help stop the fraudulent sales practices that happen in every state and country that timeshare and vacation clubs are sold.

These timeshare laws were created to stop the deceptive and misleading sales tactics that timeshare resort and vacation club companies use to sell these contracts for purchase. Let’s be clear, it is very unlikely that anyone would buy a timeshare if they were told the facts at the time of these presentations.

As a timeshare resort or vacation club, they are responsible to train all of their employees to know the laws and instruct their staff to sell all contracts within the legal parameters set by these laws. If the sales person sells a contract based on any fraud or misrepresentation, the resorts will be penalized.

The sales representatives that work for these companies, are responsible for every timeshare or vacation club contract they sell and the process in which the product is sold.

If the process is not done according to federal and state laws, the sale, can in fact, be canceled.

Every timeshare and vacation club company must follow the sales guidelines set forth by federal law. There is no exception to this law, no matter what.

Since the vast majority of consumers are unaware of these laws it is very easy for many consumers fall prey to deceptive, misleading and fraudulent sales tactics. We feel that knowing your rights as a consumer, and hiring the right company to cancel your timeshare or vacation club contract is the most important decision you will make. With vast knowledge of these laws and years of experience cancelling timeshare contracts, we are here to help. Let Timeshare-Answers guide you to stand up against these companies and get your timeshare contract canceled. Call now. —

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October 4, 2015


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