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Timeshare Counseling

Timeshare-Answers offers free timeshare counseling to any and all owners of timeshare, who are looking for information concerning their ownerships. We specialize in timeshare and vacation club cancellation, but we have a knowledgeable, experienced staff who can help you with all your timeshare and vacation club questions; even if you may be calling for your family, friend, business associate or colleague. 

Sadly, many desperate owners have fallen victim to timeshare and vacation club resale scams, or timeshare resort fraud in general. These people have wasted hundreds, if not thousands of their hard-earned dollars believing they would finally be rid of their ownership, but sadly, their money is wasted, and their efforts produced zero results.

Some owners are plagued by their ever-rising maintenance fees and seek resolution. It is unfortunate as some owners were promised these fees would never rise, and other owners, while they may have been told about the fees and that they would increase in small amounts over the years, are absolutely shocked by how substantially these fees have grown. A lot of times, the financial burden of these fees becomes too much, and the owners find themselves sacrificing their basic needs to simply survive in order to keep their fees current with the resort and avoid being harassed, threatened and even sued.  

Free timeshare counseling is available with Timeshare-Answers and is always risk free! You are under no obligation when speaking to any of associates to obtain free, honest and correct information. Regardless if you choose to hire us for your job, we take pride in knowing that you were able to contact an honest company who provided you with truthful information that you can use to your benefit.

Why not call and obtain as much information as possible so you can better your unfortunate situation? Call Timeshare-Answers today for your free timeshare counseling.


August 16, 2016


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