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Timeshare Complaints

Common Complaints

With timeshare complaints on a rise the number of fraudulent timeshare sales has sky rocketed over the past 3 years. Resorts are using any means necessary to sell their timeshares. Consumers are being lied to, scammed, and misrepresented during their presentations, and spending billions of hard earned dollars every year . The timeshare complaints are mounting and can be anything from a verbal lie to charging a consumers credit card without their knowledge. Timeshare-Answers is helping consumers uncover these lies and cancel these fraudulent contracts. If your complaints have been ignored, or refuse to be heard then you need professionals on your side. The timeshare resorts staff  told lies at the sales presentation.  The point of sale is where most consumers were taken advantage, and these lies will help you to cancel your timeshare contract. Lots of consumers tend to have the same complaints about the timeshare company.

  1. You were told you could refinance for a much better interest rate once you returned home with your personal bank.

  2. The consumer was led to believe that they were buying something of value that would benefit their families for years to come.

  3. You purchased the timeshare for a special event, a birthday, anniversary, or some other special date, that you cannot book when you want.

  4. You were sold the timeshare under duress, or some high pressure sales tactic, and only made the finally purchase because you were told the resort would buy it back if you changed your minds at any time in the future.

  5. You were led to believe if you did not use the timeshare at anytime during your ownership the resort would rent it out for you at a profit that YOU would benefit from, (NOT THE RESORT).

These five complaints are the most common examples of what happens to consumers when they buy timeshare. There are many other complaints that consumers have against their resort company, and these timeshare scams continue everyday.

At Timeshare-Answers we know how to voice timeshare owner complaints to get timeshare contracts cancelled. . We know exactly the best route to take to make your Complaints Heard to cancel your timeshare contract forever. Contact Us

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