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Legally Cancel Timeshare


Legally cancel timeshare or vacation club? Most owners think about this daily. To legally cancel timeshare is possible. The reasons they purchased may vary, but the outcome is always the same; they are simply unhappy with their purchase. These purchases are usually agreed to under duress, and after receiving false information, and being misled. Most consumers discover that the reasons they chose to purchase were lies. The timeshare or vacation club owners usually find these facts out after the rescission period has passed. These individuals often feel helpless and embarrassed with no clear path to follow.

Many owners ask themselves, “How can I cancel this timeshare?”, or “Why did I buy this timeshare?”. These questions and many others are frequent thoughts that come to mind especially when the monthly, or annual statement arrives. The answer is usually the same, “I believed everything the sales person told me”. Then, what usually follows is, “How could I have been so dumb?”. If you are like many other owners and have asked yourself these same questions, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is help to cancel the timeshare or vacation club purchase. Timeshare-answers offers solutions for every timeshare or vacation club owner’s needs.

There are many things that cannot be undone when you hire the wrong company to legally cancel timeshare or vacation club ownership. Once you have made statements or submitted documents they cannot be taken back. Please make sure it is done correctly, and you have actual professionals on your side.

Canceling a timeshare or vacation club ownership is in fact possible. Many factors are considered in the cancellation process. The first of these factors is based upon what resort you purchased with.  This is a factor as certain resorts have an extensive history of defrauding owners. The second factor is where the purchase was made. Each and every state has different laws, and rescission period. The third, and most important factor is what were the facts presented at the time of sale. We have found that 8 out of 10 of all timeshare or vacation club sales are based on misrepresentation or fraud.

When it comes to legally cancel timeshare, Timeshare Answers is the leading company in the industry. We know the precise path to follow for our clients. Timeshare-Answers is here to assist you in your fight against the resort. We have helped thousands of clients with their timeshare or vacation club problems. If you feel you have been misrepresented, lied to, or a victim of fraud, please call us for a free consultation and allow us to assist you in the cancellation of your timeshare or vacation club contract.

Call Timeshare-Answers today for a free consultation, and let us assist you in Canceling Your Timeshare. 1-800-282-3206

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December 8, 2015


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