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November 2017- I am writing to share my experience with Timeshare-Answers. It was nothing professional, supportive and positive from the moment of my first phone call by their staff and especially from my case worker Jennifer; all whom encouraged me that they are here to help me get out of my timeshare contract. To be perfectly honest I was very skeptical when I decided to call Timeshare-Answers. With many failed attempts on my own and other avenues of approach, I felt I was at a dead-end and all options had been expelled. I certainly wasn't getting help refinancing from the company referred to me by my timeshare company, nor did my bank want to help with the remaining balance due. I was in debt with credit cards, a mortgage and this timeshare. I was at my wits end with no light at the end of the tunnel from this financial burden. One day I came across Timeshare-Answers and gave them a call. I liked what I heard on that first phone call so I proceeded with their services. I was promised that they are going to get me out of my contracts (in my case since I upgraded with the timeshare credits and was not told that when I did it that it’s a start of a new contract with the resort, I upgraded 3 times!) With their knowledge, help and advice on how these timeshare's work, I was able to achieve my goal of getting out of all 4 of my contracts, freeing me from all obligations. Timeshare-answers is one of the good guys. They are here to help you, answer all your questions and concerns about the situation that you are in now. I am grateful I used their services and very pleased with the end result. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for them, except THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping me and encouraging me that you will get me though this. My advice, be goal orientated, be tenacious, listen to the advice you receive and follow through and they will get you out of your timeshare contracts. Thank You. ~ Patrick

October 2017- I hired Timeshare-Answers on a whim. I had never heard of them or any company of the sort. By circumstance I found them, and I have no regrets. As you may know if you are reading this, it is pretty much impossible to get out of a timeshare contract by going through the timeshare company. From the first day that I called Timeshare-Answers, they explained in detail what the process would be like. For example; the cost, the time it would take, if they were able to get me out of the timeshare contract, and what was expected of me. Yes, what was expected of me. I was to update them of any changes and report to them any information I received from the timeshare company. Which was more than understandable, in order for them to help me. These steps were easy for me to do because the case manager I was assigned, was very friendly and she worked very close with me, doing everything that she could to make this cancellation happen. And I mean everything. I am happy to say, it got done and I can't express enough just how happy I am with the services I received here at Timeshare-Answers. ~ Shantell, GA

October 2017- We would like to thank you very much for getting us released from these contracts. We could not have done this without you and we are very grateful for
the help and encouragement you gave us. You helped us get through a very stressful situation especially since we did what the resort told us and we thought we had a cancellation. Unfortunately we think that was just a ploy to make us think there was no way out, but thanks to you ..we can now sleep at night. If we know of anyone in our situation we would most certainly recommend you. ~L&K Manitoba, Canada

September 2017- My wife and I want to personally thank you for all that you have for us. We truly appreciate all the hard work and guidance you have given us. If I ever find anyone that is in a situation like ours, I will definitely recommend the services of Timeshare-Answers! ~ Jason, OH

My husband and I bought a timeshare a few years ago and after a year, we realized we couldn't use it. We tried selling it through several timeshare resale places but all they did was take our money. Then we came across Timeshare-Answers. We decided to give it another try. We have been so pleased with the process. It was some work on our part but the staff at Timeshare-Answers worked very hard to bring this to a close. I can't say enough to thank them and all of their hard work. ~ Beverly

My wife and I signed a contract for a timeshare, that we soon wanted to rescind. Unfortunately, when we contacted the timeshare company, only 1 day beyond our legal right to rescind; they demanded we honor the contract. Even though their salesperson misrepresented the terms of the deal. We contacted Timeshare-Answers, and you assured us that we would be successful if we followed your advice. We followed your recommendations and the Timeshare Company agreed to rescind and refund the disputed contract. The entire process took less than 4 months. Thanks to you and everyone at Timeshare-Answers for helping us through this process and getting this financial burden eliminated ~ Thomas

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You were so patient with my frantic phone calls and questions. You and your staff kept me encouraged and did a great job. I wasn't sure we would ever get out of this deceitful contract. With the remaining mortgage and ongoing maintenance fees, you have saved us 10's of thousands of dollars for something we couldn't even use. We will surely recommend your service in the future. Again, thank you so much. ~Bob and Deb

Over 2 years ago my wife and I stayed at a big named resort and were invited to attend a “free breakfast” that turned out to be the most expensive breakfast of our lives. It was not until we returned home to do our research that we realized that their promises turned out to be lies. We discovered that we bought a liability that far exceeded the value they claimed it would be. After failed attempts to get out of the contract, we contacted Timeshare Answers. The representative told us, if we followed all of their instructions, they would guarantee results. The resort kept refusing to release us from the contract, giving one excuse after another month after month. Nonetheless we kept faithfully following the instructions given to us by Timeshare-Answers; and last week we finally celebrated our release from the company that sold us a pack of lies. ~ Cliff

I have to admit that we were skeptical about hiring you. Everyone kept saying, that canceling the timeshare contract was impossible, but you proved them wrong. Your team is certainly great at what you do and the truth is when I wanted to give up you, encouraged me to continue. Thanks for always going the extra mile, we are forever grateful. ~B&C

We want to thank you for everything you did to get us out of our timeshare contract. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication and hope others in the same situation, read this and call you for help. ~ Noury Family

We bought a Timeshare 5 years ago; Big Mistake! To make a long story short, we were told all kinds of half-truths and outright lies. Over the next two years we tried various ways to get out of the timeshare contract, before getting in contact with Timeshare-Answers. By this time, we were very gun-shy about getting scammed, so we took our time and checked them out as thoroughly as we could. One we decided to move forward with them the process wasn’t easy but we could see that Timeshare-Answers was doing everything possible to get us out. Finally, because of their persistence, we received our Release Agreement from the resort. We are extremely grateful to Timeshare-Answers for in getting us through this. They have saved us over $20,000 in future payments and a lifetime of fees that would have become part of our legacy. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we highly recommend using Timeshare-Answers. They actually deliver as promised!! ~Isaac & Wendy

Thank you again Timeshare-Answers. We are so relieved this is finally over, and grateful to you for always having an answer for the timeshare resorts tactics. Life decisions took us down a path we should have avoided, but we couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Timeshare-Answers. ~T.E

We are indeed very happy to have our contract cancelled and have you and your service to thank for it. We are undoubtedly satisfied clients. As you know, we were somewhat apprehensive to trust in and pay upfront for any service promising us results. Your written money back guarantee was what we put our trust in. Your services proved to be honest, effective and invaluable. We now have peace of mind and have learned a great deal from our experience. We learned not to trust a good sales pitch without full investigation, but also not to dismiss the potential of an unknown professional as being reputable. Obviously, there are good and bad businesses out there and we are grateful to have availed of yours. We would be happy to recommend your service to anyone and will do so, should we be acquainted with any unhappy timeshare owners such as ourselves. We will highly recommend your services to others to pursue on their own. Again, a sincere thank you for everything and we wish you continued success as you continue to right the wrongs of the timeshare business. ~Mark & Laura

When I was at my lowest, and sure I could never be released from my Timeshare mistake, I called Timeshare-Answers. I was skeptical, thinking this could be just another rip-off, but once I talked with their staff, they put my mind at ease. I was able to cancel my membership and no longer have the burden of paying for something I was duped into buying in the first place. Timeshare-Answers was always there for me through the entire process and I am happy to say I am now free from my timeshare! Thanks so much for all your effort and time on my behalf, I would recommend your service to anyone. ~J in BC, Canada

Thank you and your team for the work and effort that was put in on our behalf. When things looked lost you gave us hope and strength to keep plugging away. Thanks again. ~S in Canada

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us! Even though we will not be getting back any of the money we put in, we are just so happy to be done with timeshare. We will take this as an expensive learning experience. Once again thank you so much for everything! We could not have done it without you! ~Chip and Fran

We can't thank you enough for all you have done. I wish there was a way we could warn other people about these timeshares. Again, thank you and God bless you. ~ L&R

Thank you, Timeshare-Answers, you were so helpful all the time. Even your quick replies made me feel better. You did a wonderful job; and not just because I got all money back. The entire process was great, so thank you. ~K.M

This is a short note to thank you and your colleagues for the support and excellent work you performed for us, in getting us out of our onerous timeshare agreement. We also obtained a full refund of the money originally spent. When we first discovered your company on the Web, we were a bit skeptical that you would be able to do what you claimed to be capable of, i.e., get our contract cancelled and also effect the return of our funds. Of course, there was also the apprehension that we could be throwing more good money after bad. However, we were impressed by your team’s ability to guide us into the process and give us some confidence that you folks truly knew what you were doing. Your team never wavered in your determination to guide us at every step and remained firm and focused on our behalf right through to the successful conclusion of our misadventure. We would unhesitatingly recommend Timeshare-Answers to any of the poor souls that get conned into joining timeshares and similar ‘Vacation Clubs’ schemes and that need to be free of their burdensome contracts. With much thanks. ~ R&L

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