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Timeshare Cancel Clients

Thomas H. FL

Your company was professional in every step of the cancellation process, and we only wanted to put this nightmare behind us and get rid of the timeshare once and for all, you exceeded all of our expectations with not only canceling our timeshare contract, but getting us a full refund, Thanks again.

Johnathan P. NY

Thank you Timeshare-Answers for all your help in canceling our timeshare contract. We did not know it was possible after we purchased the timeshare, the resort told us it was too late because we were past the rescission period. Calling you for help was the best decision we made.``

We want to thank the staff at Timeshare Answers for their great work in helping us cancel the timeshare contract, that we were misled into signing. Without their assistance and great customer service, we don't think the cancellation and REFUND would have been a reality. We can now move on from this nightmare knowing we are no longer under this financial obligation. Thanks again Timeshare Answers, for all your hard work and guidance. You are highly recommended!

Kimberly & Bob | Colorado

I was misled into a timeshare scam. I upgraded 2 currently owned timeshares into 1 contract with more points and supposedly to never pay maintenance again. I tried unsuccessfully to get out of the contract, before calling Timeshare-Answers. In just a few months I was able to get my timeshare contract cancelled and a full refund of over $12,000! The staff was very easy to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get rid of a timeshare.

Gene | North Carolina


Costs associated with owning a timeshare are exorbitant and I was shocked to learn of the worthlessness of timeshare.  Before finding Timeshare Answers, thoughts of foreclosure, credit damage, and other timeshare related ramifications were daunting.  Timeshare Answers fee-based services provided guidance superior to that of an attorney at a much lower cost. My timeshare was successfully cancelled and I gratefully endorse the work of Timeshare Answers.

Tom | Coldwater, MI

When we realized the huge mistake, we had made in purchasing a timeshare, we went into panic mode. We looked everywhere for help and finally found Timeshare-Answers. At first, we were scared that it was yet another scam but we decided to go meet with them in person. There were no secrets, nothing was hard to understand, and their agreement was simple…they will work with you as long as you work with them. Trust them and they won't let you down. We were thrilled with our results. Our timeshare contract was canceled with a partial refund! Hiring Timeshare-Answers was money well spent.

JM | Florida

While on vacation in Maui, we were skillfully led down a path that would end up having us the owners of a timeshare with Wyndham Resorts. Not long after signing everything in a whirl-wind of confusion, we realized the timeshare was not what we had been misled to believe.  We wanted out, but had unknowingly gone past the amount of time allowed to get out. We found Time Share Answers on the Internet and took a chance.  They skillfully led us through the process that eventually got our timeshare contract cancelled, with all our money refunded! Your time and guidance was worth every penny. We are now out of this lifetime commitment with the piece of mind that our children will not have to inherit this headache! Forever grateful.

Steve and Mary | Alaska


I would like to convey my appreciation to Timeshare Answers for all their hard work, commitment and devotion to my case.  I had been trying to get out of my timeshare for about 10 years. It was only after I contacted Timeshare Answers that things started to progress in my favor. In about 6 months, I was finally able to get out of my timeshare.  I would highly recommend Timeshare Answers to the many people who feel trapped, helpless and desperate to get out of this scam.

Peter | Ontario, Canada

Like many others, I was skeptical about pursuing Timeshare Answers for their timeshare cancellation services. I researched Timeshare Answers for over a year before asking for their help. By the time we hired them we were really about to give up on any hope to get rid of the timeshare, but we are thrilled to say we are finally free from the terrible lifetime timeshare contract! When we got the release forms from Silverleaf Resorts, words simply can’t even explain what a relief it was. If you do business with Timeshare Answers, be patient because they know exactly what they are doing! Our only regret is not getting their help sooner. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Timeshare Answers Staff!

Pam W | Fort Worth, TX

We needed to thank you for your excellent service regarding our timeshare cancellation with Vacation Villages. We appreciate the attention you offered with this matter, and the time spent to close our file. Additionally, we thank your team for the support they provided in dealing with this matter. With much gratitude, Mr. & Mrs. A.

Mr. and Mrs. A. | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My case manager and her team were fantastic to work with and came through for my family to eliminate a huge debt for a service we never used effectively! I appreciate how she guided me through every step of the process to determine if I was a good candidate, help me lay out my case and prepare my statement and send the proper documentation to the right people to get timely results! I never could have completed this amazing feat without them! In an industry full of corruption and fraud, this team is legit and will guarantee your success!  Thanks so much for all your assistance with getting my timeshare canceled and my money refunded from Wyndham!

J ~ | Alabama

We would like to thank our case manager and the entire staff at Timeshare Answers, for helping us to get our timeshare contract cancelled. Without their help and personal service, we could have never managed this by ourselves.  We sincerely thank them and we have the highest regard for this company

B&E | BC, Canada

I would like to take a few minutes to say that my experience with this company has been pleasant and resulted in getting us released from our timeshare contract that was draining us financially.  We were granted a cancellation from our obligation in a timely manner and were treated with respect.  I highly recommend them if you are in a similar situation.  They will help you and answer any questions you have and they respond immediately.

Anonymous | Timeshare Owner

I would like to share my experience with Timeshare-Answers. To be perfectly honest I was very skeptical when I decided to call Timeshare-Answers, but they were nothing short of professional, supportive and positive from the very first phone call. With many failed attempts to refinance, sell or rent, (all lies the resort and their sales person told me), I was in increasing debt with credit cards, and a mortgage. I was at my wits end with no light at the end of the tunnel from this financial burden. One day I came across Timeshare-Answers and gave them a call. I was promised that they could get me out of all 4 timeshares contracts with Worldmark by Wyndham. Timeshare-answers is one of the good guys, they are here to help. They will answer all your questions and concerns regarding the similar situation you find yourself in. I am grateful I used their services, and very pleased with the end result. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for them, except, Thank You very much for helping and encouraging me. You were always there to answer all my questions, take all my phone calls and emails. Anyone who might be reading this, don’t wait, call and hire Timeshare Answers to help get your timeshare(s) cancelled. Listen to their advice and follow their instructions and they will get you out of your timeshare contracts. Thanks again.

P.M | Seattle, WA

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